Sergio Espejo Biography

Sergio Espejo

Madrid, 1976
He starts studying piano in Madrid, obtaining the Degrees of University Degree in Music, Chamber Music Professor, and Professor of Solfege, Theory of Music, Transposition, and Accompaniment at the Real Conservatorio Superior of Music of Madrid conducted by Ana Guijarro, Luis Rego (whose teachers were J.Février and M.Tagliaferro), and Emilio Molina respectively. He obtained the highest qualifications and, unanimously, the Special Prize of Honour for Finishing Career in Chamber Music.

He attends advanced training courses on piano and Master Classes with Brenno Ambrosini, Luis Rego, Sandro Savagnone, Emilio Molina, and Peter Bithell among others.

He pursues Post Graduate Studies on piano during two years with Italian soloist Brenno Ambrosini (student of M. de Silva-Telles [in turn, student of C.Arrau], and G.Oppitz [in turn, student of W.Kempff]; who learned from piano schools of Liszt, Busoni, and Chopin) at the Conservatorio Superior de Castellón, who exerts a vital influence upon the development of his artistic capacity.

He takes courses on Orchestral Direction at the R.C.S.M. of Madrid. He attends advanced training courses on Orchestral Direction with M.Hernández Silva, and E.García Asensio.

Ever since 2001 he has become, after a thorough selection process, pianist accompanist of the Spain National Choir, where he collaborated with prestigious Choir Directors such as his current director M.Barrera, R.Steubing, J.Casas, J.Vila, L.Vila, E.Westberg and M.Guinand, and with renowned Orchestra Directors like R.Frübeck de Burgos, J.Pons, L.Brouwer, C.Halffter, M.Galduf, P.Steinberg, G.Pehlivanian, M.Jurowsky, H.Martin Schneidt, C.Halfter, L.Ramos, E.Martinez Izquierdo, M.A.Gómez Martínez, J.Lopez Cobos, P.Schreier, J.R.Encinar, D.Atherton, G.Albrecht, P. McCreesh, A.Ceccato, R.Marbá, R.De Leeuw and A.Spering among others.

Besides he collaborates closely with Spain National Orchestra as pianist accompanist as requested by his titular, J.Pons, rehearsing piano together with international vocal soloists such as Eva Marton, Andreas Schmidt, Aquiles Machado, María Orán, Susan Chilcott, Nigel Robson, I.Vermillion, Ofelia Sala, Willard White, Endrik Wottrich, Christoph Pregardien, Albert Dohmen, Angela Brown, Linda Watson, Thomas Mohr and Agustin Prunell-friend among others, and with instrumental soloists such as violinist Anne Akiko-Meyers.
 The Culture Ministry and the Ministry of Public Administration have requested him to act as Specialist Advisor at Opposition Courts.

 One of the most remarkable things is his special interest in transmitting piano and musical interpretative tradition through his EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY.

As a Soloist, he has performed in different places throughout Spain. He also performs chamber music with other soloists, offering Chamber Music concerts in different groups. He offers many lyrical concerts, with a special focus on the liederistic area. Last but not least, are the didactic concerts offered in the National Auditorium, with the interpretations of C.Saint-Saëns "Carnival of the Animals" together with his teacher B.Ambrosini. Furthermore, he also offered concerts joining the National Choir at the Chamber Room (Schubert recital, Brahms waltzes, Die Schöpfung/Haydn, etc..), at the Symphonic Room (Schnittke's Requiem, Orff,s “Catulli Carmina”, Stravinsky's Weddings, "Dreamed Dances" Dvorak-Janacek, etc.), and on tour, some of them recorded by Classical Spain National Radio.

 It is also important to mention the piano recital given at the 150 anniversary of Steinway and sons piano houses organized by Club Diario Levante in Valencia. This show has been acknowledged by the public and critics alike; the recital offered by the Juan March Foundation in Madrid in the cycle "noon concerts" or the Monographic Mozart for the benefit of the ONGD Manos Unidas. He has made his debut with Orchestra in the concert K.V.365 of W.A.Mozart in Valencia.